Chinese new year car rental home saving tips
As the 2012 Spring Festival approaching, more and more people are beginning to consider the rental car return. Kunming rental network as most rental car customers are in the fight for the working people in different places, in the pursuit of novelty, convenience and comfort at the same time, also cares about car rental price, so Chinese new year car rental how can return more money also became more concerned about the problem.
offer more attention to the height of the holidays is the rental market, and each car rental company in Nanjing will be appropriate to raise the vehicle rental, but more powerful business to grab market share, also in peak periods out of the rental market promotion strategy to attract more consumers. To launch China auto rental for the Dragon Festival "Spring Festival car hire unlimited mileage" event as an example, this offers industry-current "Super mileage charge" of traditional practices, so that consumers don't have to worry about Super mileage and wanted to make as far as how far open than in previous years, does allow consumers, especially far away from home users to save a lot of extra expenses.
in advance is much more affordable in the industry, car rental and hotel, airplane, tourist attractions like demand or high season prices will be some floating, in General, the sooner the cheaper, a day late booking price will rise a lot. As is the rental market during the Spring Festival peak, China auto rental officials warned consumers if travel'd scheduled vehicles have been identified, which will not only have more models to choose, but also enjoy a lower rental price.
Watch free ride consumers at the right time in car hire is cheaper during the Spring Festival, in addition to pay more attention to promotions, advance to the Kunming rental network is scheduled vehicles, can also take a look at the brand's "free ride." The so-called "free ride", which is derived from car rental companies to provide long-distance service, consumers in different places or car, rental car companies in order to dispatch vehicles at very low prices to customers to rent. "Downwind car" is a normal of promotions form, is with consumers of power help car rental Enterprise completed part of vehicles deployment, if can set to will will very of deal, has needs of consumers can close concern, as China car rental website Shang December 15 announced of downwind car information displayed, from Nanjing open to Nantong of section LU is hereby, day rent only for 20 Yuan, this paragraph models of weekend rent quotes for 259 Yuan/days.
, to holidays spent relatively little of either to a satisfactory model is still traceable. In car rental, but consumers should try to choose a formal major car rental companies, car rental companies will not only launched the numerous promotions, and the quality is guaranteed, after all, is the new year, security is more important.

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