Car rental default handling
At present, although the car has become a habit in our daily lives, but weekday car rental year will appear surprise to know company accident risk and default handling is necessary. 1) because the lessee causes damage to vehicles, the lessor shall be strictly in accordance with standard auto repair car fee charged.
     2) premature termination of contract of returned lease vehicles should inform the rental company in advance that the lessee should bear some of the loss of rent.
     3) not according to vehicle performance or operating procedures resulting from the use of rental vehicles, the company shut down loss; 4) liable for negligent insurance company refused to pay for the losses.
     5) unauthorized modification, change, addition to change the rental vehicle damage caused by the status quo.
     6) does not assist the lessor attend inspection or maintenance caused by the loss.
     in addition, for customers, providing false information, or advance rent and other expenses, or sell, mortgage, pledge, lent, pawned, sublet the rental vehicle or there is evidence to prove the existence of such danger, is unlawful.

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