Taxi service provision
State Council Ordinance on the transport market in particular for road transport passenger transport market access system, authorized managing road traffic departments at or above the county level. Only those with management qualifications and conditions of operation of enterprises, personnel, vehicles are authorized to engage in road passenger transport. Taxi, individuals have no right to, transport operators must possess a taxi qualified enterprises, eligible vehicles, personnel with qualifications before they can. Individuals engaged in the so-called taxi transport, from the taxi company contract, lease and other forms of access right to the vehicle or, if there is no operator, that is non-formal operational vehicle (that is commonly referred to as the "black"). No operator, not driving, you can open non-operating vehicles (such as cars, buses, trucks, agricultural vehicles and so on, which do not need to go through the operating procedures), but not in commercial transport, or in breach of regulations, are likely to be punished. For example, your car or vehicle without operating procedures, by Hitchhiker on the way, and charged the Hitchhiker's, this is the transaction, once the evidence was deemed "non-operating vehicles for commercial transport". The penalty amount is quite high.

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