Car rental insurance is important
When I was on vacation when, one last thing, I think a delay of car rental offices at the airport, so I flew through the instrument, check "no" when asked if I wanted to lease insurance. I think that question is redundant, anyway, as the country's law says, my personal auto insurance should cover me, even when driving a rental. Why waste time and money on insurance, I do not need?
   I think my logic is confident that rental insurance when I mentioned in my last column, but since that time, all I've got is from those who have paid a high price to buy the reader's e-mail. When the insurance agent like¬∑maerdeng Beecoff, a family friend, told me that I was right ", to a certain extent," I knew I was in trouble.
   has a list of questions, I drove to the tangna¬∑maikenna in the United States, Massachusetts, Milford Office of the Association of insurance agents. Mark a colleague, copy of my last article, is already on her desk, ready to be corrected.
   "I work in the industry. I understand what is covered. McKenna associations and 40 insurance industry veteran Vice President of communications, said, "I bought the insurance. "There is a lot of. "
   to put it bluntly, rent a car or train is almost always a dangerous proposition, she said, no matter how many you have personal auto insurance, or how much you buy extra insurance from the rental company. Don't blindly assume that your credit card will protect you. "I hate to say it, but I would prefer not to rent a car, ever," McKenna said.
   most of us will need to hire vehicles, of course, at some point. When you do this, here's what you should know.
   your personal automobile insurance policy including personal injury, property damage and collision damage (if you have collision insurance), in many ways, when you are driving a rented car, just as if you are driving your own car, as long as you're in the United States, including its territories and possessions, or Canada. (It applies no matter what kind of car you rent, so and spending in advance. ) As his own car, you are responsible for any deductible on your policy.
   but also your personal policies rarely cover other costs; loss of revenue from rental car companies, especially to tied you to a repair shop.
   you for 50 Yuan a day rental car, Fender Bender enters. If you need a week, repairing cars and settle insurance claims, leasing companies can charge their vehicles use "damage" your credit card $ 350, whether?? If you caused the accident. Due to another customer who may have purchased the seven-day rental insurance, the company may charge you lose rental income insurance, which may be hundreds of.

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