Domestic car rental company offers car rental services
Domestic car rental company offers car rental services can be divided into two broad categories: car rental and car rental (also known as the tours).
car rental is a rental car companies offer vehicles only, you need your own driving service. Used car service user needs to have a valid driver's license. Rental of car rental by the day, now there are a few chain of car rental companies (such as extreme) provides the services charge by the hour.
chauffeur car hire, also known as the Charter, refers to the rental car company also provides vehicles and drivers without user driven services. Chauffeur car hire can also be broken down into the following categories: by day/hour chauffeur drive services, airport shuttle service, InterCity transfer services. By day/hour chauffeur drive service generally apply in the context of the limited distance (such as urban area), but the line too complicated (for example you need to go to multiple places) demand and costs in accordance with the Charter of the time (days or hours) to calculate. Airport shuttle service and inter-city shuttle service refers to the point (for example, to the new airport, Shanghai to Suzhou) one-time chauffeur drive service, the cost is calculated at each time the shuttle.

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