Road driving to pay attention to?
Mountain driving, that as usual but there are a lot of different, mountain road that we should pay attention to what?
in the mountains on the road driving most people feel is not like driving on straight roads so tired for a long time. Line when the driver is basically keep doing the double. Up and down changing pavement, diverse and constantly changing road conditions can make driving in a State of excitement. Especially in a strange and beautiful environment is even more so. Drivers should attempt to control their own State and concentrate on driving, should also pay attention to remind their fellow right to slow down. Mountain road the first problem is to keep a good line of sight as much as possible, which is far and try to see the road and the roadside environment. To select the routes to make full use of the width of the pavement, bad sight should trumpet. Opens the window to hear sounds outside the car facing possible falling rocks cliffs window should be closed. Watch instruments work, in particular, water temperature and fuel pressure. Hill should make engine plenty of power, choose the appropriate gear in advance, for avoiding driving under preparation at any time. Not neutral when coasting downhill, long time use the brakes to prevent drum or disc brake overheating, gears can be used to control the speed, into low gear. Try to avoid parking on mountain roads and, if necessary, should choose the relatively straight, good eye safety area.
, is also available to motorists rushing to use when you travel, that is, entering the turn speed, bending and Acceleration ensures safe and fast to runs on winding mountain roads. Driving while some gas, but fun to drive a lot, and speed can be increased. Just riding would not "trustworthy" sloshing around is inevitable.
in short, the road, and remind riders a lot better.

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