New rules car rental market "face" prices
Although the Spring Festival in two weeks ' time, but the rental business has been booming during the Spring Festival. But, was called "history Shang most strict" of new rules since this year on new year's day implementation Hou, both effect has public since driving of enthusiasm, also let many car rental company raised has car rental of threshold, as used more received customer illegal deposit, and improve car rental price, and extended car rental term, approach avoid new rules brings of effect, to led to Hefei car rental market compared more Qian years light has many.
    double the rental cars rent a car with a family home for the new year, tickets were removed from the headaches and the pain of the crowds, but the cost is to increase the number of Chinese new year. Especially during the Spring Festival, rental prices for home is not easy.
    to all the most popular, for example, rent of a typical day at 180 yuan, 260 Yuan with the lowest price of the Spring Festival, and even some car rental companies to more than 300 yuan. A car rental company in dream Park community, company officials told reporters that the rental prices during the Spring Festival has become an established practice, usually 200 cars a day during the Spring Festival period is no more than 300 to rent.
    reporter consulted a number of car rental companies in Hefei, car rental below 300 yuan a day less. "The cheapest model of 350 Yuan a day, similar to the Elantra and the Buick excelle equivalent grades, Passat, Buick Regal grades a day to 500 Yuan, new Honda, Camry grade 600 Yuan/day minimum. "Shouchun road a car rental company staff told reporters that the company no less than 300 yuan/days models now available for rent.
    the market slightly cold with the improvement of people's living standards, special fire of the car rental market in recent years. But this year is special, because of the new rule, car rental markets had an impact, although the car is still good to rent, but the hot is far less than in previous years.
    "in the past at this time of year, we have received more than 100 a day more enquiry and booking the car phone, only more than 10 calls a day this year. "Dream garden district head of a car rental company with respect, impact of new regulations on the rental market is very big.
    However, the official also explained that, although not as popular as in previous years, but still worry about rent. "The rental market now is that demand is greater than supply, and car rental companies generally too few cars, cannot appear the phenomenon of renting out. "
    car rental threshold elevation red light 6 points, fined 200 Yuan, the freeway or fast roads drivers is not required when wearing a seat belt buckle 2 ... ... After the new rule, drivers not only bring a lot of pressure, and car rental companies have no small influence.
    in order to minimize the impact, car rental companies from raising the rental threshold. "We will only accept customers booking vehicles in Hefei. "The area by opening a car rental company told reporters, because it is during the Spring Festival, minimum duration must be at least 10 days, while other car rental companies, is raising the minimum period to 15 days.
    is not only extending the minimum period, more significant impact is the increase in traffic violations to protect deposits. "Traffic violations before benefit at around 1000, now have to pay 2000 Yuan, was the original twice. "Quan a rental car company official told reporters on the way, this was done to reduce the risk of companies against traffic violations, to prevent customers not to deal with illegal, cause problems for companies.

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