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Lane Assistant: snow vehicle equipped with a large collection of
Lane Assistant: snow vehicle equipped with a large collection of    1. anti-skid chains    anti-skid chains are usually made of steel chain or rubber chain made of simple, easy to install, and very practical. Experts said Beijing urban road usually quickly cleared of snow, but less if drove traffic when snow or icy road, preferably right before snow chains. Snow chains also have size limitations, respectively for different tire and wheel width, choose wheel size snow chains to match. Experts also suggested that after installing snow chains, typically not more than 40Km/hours, and avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.
   2. garment    garment is based on the overall dimensions of the car with canvas or other flexible cover clothes made of wear-resistant materials. Chiefly to withstand the rain and snow on the car paint, tyre damage. Garment by garment, belt, spring hook is composed of three parts.
   anterior Cingulate is closed, when used from the head into the rear belt as open, garment with a mortise lock and the back fixed and under garment snap clasp hook on both sides of the car body, clothing can be firmly fixed on the body.
   3. glass cleaning liquid    glass cleaning in winter of using volume obviously will less than other season, is also cannot ignored, some people in other dosage more of season in with water and washing water instead of, but winter in those substitutes regular freezes, so winter in not using, must to shining for Shang antifreeze of glass cleaning liquid, also can in water in the joined alcohol or liquor to reduced freezing.

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