Car sense

Car rental in Kunming four considerations

1. car, customers are required to lease company ID card, driver's license, if it is a stranger, Jinhua, need to find locals to provide security;

2. when signing a rental contract, customers should read the above provisions, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in the car. Contract in the often some limit conditions, as some company of contract Shang on clear provides: car rental period to 24 hours for day, daily driving mileage qualified for 200 km, timeout to by 20~50 Yuan/hours meter received timeout fee, Super mileage is by 0.5 Yuan/km meter received corresponding costs;

3. paid car rental deposit, specific amount according to the home rental company of different models and set, General is each car car bet 1000~2000 Yuan;
4. take car Shi, Customers should be carefully examined, and check the car, looks there is no damage, it is best to test drive it, because once the vehicle leave the car rental company to leave the condition shall prevail.

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