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Lending vehicle accidents, vehicle owners take responsibility
  Zhang and Wang Department of friendship, Zhang put forward one day car away on business, but will they hit traffic accidents occur on the way, determined by the traffic accident certificate of a bear full responsibility for the accident. Injured pedestrians and after some consultations on compensation fail, then the driver Zhang, Wang with the owners to court. Comments on: Wang as vehicle owners will pay Wang needed concrete analysis of concrete conditions. The 49th article of the tort liability law, leasing, borrowing of the owner of the vehicle and use are not the same person, after traffic accidents were the responsibility of the motor vehicle shall, within the scope of the limitation of liability of compulsory motor vehicle insurance which insurance companies for compensation. The shortfall from motor vehicle use liability; the owner of the vehicle was at fault for damage, bear corresponding liability.
    so, lend the vehicle accident, the owner shall be unconditionally not to pay for driver behavior, but lending vehicle damage caused by fault, shall assume the liability. Which is at fault for damage, mainly refers to knowing there is a security risk, or borrow a vehicle without driving, or are there still lending such as driving drunk. Wang is in this case for the owners, but it simply does not have lent the car to safety both driving and driving without a drunk, unable to drive a, Wang itself is not at fault, so there is no accountability. The losses should be covered by the vehicle insurance companies within the insurance limits liability, compensation for lack of insurance companies, then borne by the drivers.

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