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How should the non-traffic accidents
Needs to be emphasized here is that traffic accidents occurred in statutory traffic accidents on the road. Towns and villages build their own roads and the opening of the natural formation of roads and residential buildings roads, government agencies and organizations on the internal roads, factories, enterprises and private roads and new roads has not been delivered, is not part of the legal road. Under the law on road traffic safety section 77th "off-road vehicle traffic accidents that occurred, the public security organs traffic management Department received a report, reference to the relevant provisions of this law".
(1) road traffic accident investigations, forensics (2) accident identification for non-road traffic accident, liability should be carried out, formed the public security organ's findings, analysis of the causes of the accident, and shall inform the parties of the damages by the traffic management departments to resolve or access to the courts.
(3), penalties for Parties not applicable traffic laws and regulations (4) damages both parties can voluntary negotiation or mediation under the auspices of public security traffic Administrative Department, or access to the courts, compensation shall be in accordance with the General principles of civil law, the tort liability Act the relevant provisions and the relevant judicial interpretations for processing.

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