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Starting seven strokes in Yunnan improve driving quality
Recently, the road transport authority and provincial traffic police corps, organized jointly by the Office of public security in Yunnan province of the motor vehicle driver training and exam outline of propaganda and training. Seven aspects in our province in the future and strive to improve the quality of motor vehicle driver training and level of service.
on December 13, 2012, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of public security jointly issued a motor vehicle driver training and examination syllabus, combining teaching and examination for the first time, highlights the drivers safety awareness to develop and reinforce real-road driving training.
according to understand, future I province will from seven a aspects starts with, to upgrade motor vehicle driver training quality and service level: adjustment training teaching plans, transformation teaching site and the facilities equipment, strengthening quality education and traffic warning case education; guide established concentrated of medium van vehicles driving member training base, carried out medium guest truck driver professional education pilot work; strictly market access management, established market investment warning mechanism, prevent blind investment led to training market development runaway overheating ; Carried out special focus regulation illegal business, and affiliated business, and mess set registration points, and false commitment, illegal violations behavior, regularly carried out driving training institutions training capacity assessment, and according to training capacity approved its admissions number; perfect service quality reputation assessment mechanism; strictly coaches of practitioners qualification management, further perfect coaches continues to education system and the evaluation mechanism; strengthened technology innovation and energy-saving emissions, active application energy-saving teaching equipment, widely using "Internet remote teaching", and "stories simulation teaching" Teaching method of environmental protection, promote green training, establishing the concept of energy-saving drive.

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