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Air bag use and maintenance, as well as errors
&Nbsp;1 airbag invention     automotive air bags, travel, Americans Jhon.W.Hetrick was actually invented the air cushion. As early as 1952, he invented his own call safety air cushion device.
was the starting point is a purely mechanical body, because of the protective effect is not obvious, high manufacturing costs, expand fast enough, so has not aroused wide attention from car manufacturers. But with 20 world 670 automotive manufacturing technology leap, drive too fast, traffic accident has become the biggest headache is somehow dangerous, while the airbag issue has been reopened.
        2 airbag structure and principle of     initials SRS airbag, generally by collision sensors, computer processor, the gas generator and main air bag components. Used to protect the owner's main air bags were placed in the steering column, while other location of airbag protection, parts which have been installed in the car, now some luxury cars up to 20 air bags, but it is important to note, car safety has a lot of decisions, the air bag is not absolute is the only index for evaluating a vehicle safety.
        when vehicles collide, collision sensors and a computer processor to determine the impact of its efforts, and to balloon to give instructions. But the impact in the protection of the driver's airbag ejected safely at the same time, can also cause dangerous, so not the airbag opens on certain security and faster speed, collision time is short, and once the time of collision time is less than the airbag, airbag is very small.
        3 air bag use and maintenance of     under normal conditions, the airbag from appearances to scrap their own maintenance are not. Each time before you start the vehicle, the SRS warning light on the instrument light about 5 seconds in the test, when computer processor to confirm that is correct, the alarm lamp goes out. If the alert light blinks, then airbag fault already exists, should be repaired immediately.

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