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Parking space transactions should know what?
The popularity of private cars parking transactions are heating up. that when trading spaces should know what?
underground car park spaces should belong to the category of real estate, property right certificate is the only certificate proving ownership, with only the yard provided developer investment proved to be no guarantee that in the future they can get parking certificates of title. Developers must already have spaces title certificate or certification for property conditions with the owners of property rights trading. ZAO estates developers, such as the flower market, just provide construction yard proved to be not enough, you also need to provide car parking spaces have other proof of certification for property conditions, such as underground garage spaces included in floor area ratio? Have you paid the corresponding land transfer? The garage is civil air defense engineering?
spaces deals 4 tips:
1. focus on property in the spaces, if ownership and is not in a State of attachment, mortgage, as long as the attention to the details of the contract, the owners can rest assured purchase.
2. the parking spaces during the mortgage period should be consent of the mortgagee to purchase, here due to developer spaces required in construction loan mortgage.
3. no parking facilities for the property procedures, if it is under construction, the owners need to view the contents of the licence contains of parking spaces in the underground garage, if not contained, owners need to require developers to provide experience in testimony to the condition of a title certificate (as described above), thus proving that some parking spaces can be used as property developers building area, can apply for the title in the future.
4. parking in the Court attachment phase, developers and owners is not freely traded, and contacted the Court and the creditors need to seal up, depending on the situation to handle.

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