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Kunming rental cars when you are familiar with the condition
The familiar basic condition in four steps:
    , start the vehicle, scrutinized the instruments and warning signals. After the previous step figure out also in case of engine running, carefully observe the operation of the instruments and warning signal device, paying particular attention to the speedometer and fuel gauge and engine temperature gauge, ammeter, oil pressure gauge and follow instructions. Many vehicles already in use warning the instrument pointer, you should carefully observe the flashing warning lights, are familiar with their location, use and work. Each signal displayed on the dashboard, are warned about some issues in need of attention.
     II, before driving away, simply ask the condition of the vehicle. Leased vehicles, we must first understand the current condition, especially if the operating system is sensitive and what problems should pay special attention, in particular directly affects the safety of brakes, steering, lighting, and so on. In addition, to check the fuel, coolant, lubricants, brake fluid and drive system components. Distance should be tested, if necessary, to become familiar with and check the clutch, throttle, brake and engine work, found that the problem should be indicated to the owners in a timely manner. To car rental companies rent vehicles in particular, need to be carefully checked, even some small trouble to make it clear, not hasty to catch a glimpse of the car is to avoid traffic accidents, and second, reduce trouble when you return the car.
   third, the location of all instruments, the operating system. After entering the cabin, must be adjusted to suit your driving position, and then from left to right, every instrument in the familiar functions and location of operation. In order to master the instrument and operation location, one can read the vehicle manual control as shown in the manual, all clear, particularly for imported cars, auxiliary instruments are more difficult to understand, but also to look. Second, in cases with no manual, directly to the owners understood that in case of fumble in the driving distracted. Especially every shift, Horn, wipers, light switches, automatic door locks, instrument, and of the various warning lights switch location.
   four, launch vehicles, hands-on several times, the road should be hands-on as mentioned a few times before the operation, which not only helps to remember their location, and can also check their work, and more importantly you can avoid driving in the operation chaos. Lighting control switch, some twist, some are pushed; reverse directly push, plenty of first down, then push ... ... These are required to practice a few times, can be applied freely, avoid driving errors.

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